Marketing to a Diverse Patient Base Getting involved locally


Did you know that ethnic minorities are more likely than the general population to value companies that are involved locally? In fact, nearly 80% of Asian Americans, 85% of Hispanics and 88% of African Americans agree that companies that make sincere efforts to be part of their community deserve their loyalty.

There are many strategies you can take to make sure your messages are reaching the right groups.

You can raise awareness about eye health – and your practice – by participating in community health fairs and events, and by supporting local organizations or youth activities. To grow your multicultural patient base, look for activities that attract specific ethnic groups. For example, studies suggest that African Americans are willing to participate in health education programs when they are held at their local churches and mosques. The place of worship is often the primary source of a wide range of subjects and offers one of the best ways to reach African Americans in a safe, trusted environment.

Transitions Optical offers free patient education resources – such as its multicultural What to Expect brochure series – that you can distribute during your local outreach efforts. Don’t forget to include a sticker with your own practice information so they know how to contact you!

Getting involved with local schools is a great way for you to educate kids – as well as their parents – about the importance of regular eye care for school performance. Contact local schools in your area to serve as a guest lecturer on eye health, or offer to help staff annual vision screenings. There's a good chance that you may even drum up new patients!

Transitions Optical offers free school outreach resources for eyecare professionals through its Eye Didn’t Know That! program.

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